It all began with an idea and a need.

Photography and wedding imagery have played a large role in my life for nearly a decade. Over the years, clients would come to me with requests on how to style and dress for their portrait sessions. Messages were crafted with text advice, feedback was provided on mobile photos of outfits, and countless mood boards were shared. It dawned on me that something was lacking. After all, how often does a couple or a family (on average) have their photos professionally taken? Styling to coordinate with another person is a world of a difference from styling oneself for the every day. Many have no idea where to start and lack a resource to find looks that truly fit their preferences and that photograph well together.

Howard County Conservancy Engagement by Love by Serena

Style Refined was created to inspire fashion for individuals, couples, and groups searching for outfits for an occasion, event, or coordinated shoot. This blog serves as a resource for all – regardless of gender, race, religion, age, weight, pregnancy, disability or sexual orientation. Our goal is to share that diversity is beautiful and we welcome the work of various creatives who strive to create gorgeous imagery and embrace our mindset that love is love.

In a world where fast fashion is the norm, it was also important to create a space that brings awareness to the public eye regarding the work conditions and ethics behind modern day factories and production processes. Human rights and environmental sustainability are of great importance, so one of our goals is to highlight businesses that serve their customers well and actively contribute to making the world a better place.

To celebrate the site launch, we’re incredibly excited to announce some sweet giveaways over the next few weeks. This week, we will be giving away one $100 gift card to Nisolo – a Nashville-based company that creates gorgeous, ethically-made shoes! (In the coming weeks, we’ll be offering up another apparel store gift card to Everlane – so stay tuned!)

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A winner will be contacted and announced next Tuesday morning (10/24)!

A very special thanks to the following for listening, supporting, and/or personally helping bring this idea to life:

Josh Gooden (my love + biggest supporter)
Jodi & Kurt
My Modern Diary (Sarah Orman)
Jess Rothlisberger
Davey & Krista
Pando Creative (Zaynah & Forrest)
Katie Stoops & Naz Melconian
Michael & Carina
Caleb Jenkins
Elizabeth Mudge

To the following who showed support by trusting in this idea and/or contributing work:

Ariel Lewis
Catalyst Wed Co (Liz & Jen)
Danielle Poffenbarger
Erich McVey
Jen Jar
Joey Kennedy
Jolienne Collection
Kayla Mills & Brennan McKissick
Katie Nesbitt
Kelsey Bethune
Lauren & Tim Fair
Little Well Paper Co
Linda Ha Events
Lindsay Anne Dransfield
Medley Style
Molly Jaek
Sam Stroud
Sarah Culver
Sarah Park
Shea Royster
Vicki Grafton
With Love & Embers

If you have some great outfit inspiration or advice to share, write us directly at hello(at) or head on over to our submissions page! Event professionals: We are also on the lookout for great content to share on our Instagram stories! If you’re in the midst of documenting a stylish client’s session or are well-dressed for a special occasion, you can submit to us via Instagram message!