Earlier this season, we got together with some good friends for our very first creative, collaborative project for Style Refined Co! Jodi and Kurt are talented photographers and artisans who purchased a historic farmhouse in Virginia to make into their home. Cooking together, gardening, and entertaining are some of their greatest passions – so we crafted a “day in the life” type film with Josh Gooden Cinema to inspire those looking for some laid-back inspiration at home.


We kept things pretty simple and coordinated their outfits around the every day. We began with a “morning cozy” look to kick things off. Since a beautiful home is a great location for a lifestyle couple session, we wanted to share a set of outfits that looked fitting for the environment. For Jodi, we pulled apparel from Madewell and LOFT – while Kurt’s outfit consisted of a casual long-sleeved cotton henley from J. Crew and pants from Levi’s.

Cozy Morning Lifestyle Couple Outfits | Madewell Kent Cardigan Sweater

The Morning Cozy

Jodi’s look: Madewell (Kent Cardigan Sweater, Sweatpants), LOFT (V-Neck Clean Cami)

Kurt’s look: J. Crew (Long-Sleeved Cotton Henley Shirt), Levi’s (Pants)

The two of them have strong passions for both gardening and cooking, so we created two looks that played off of their favorite pastimes. After some research, Jodi came across some handmade linen products via CozyLinen. The shop owner (Simona) crafts beautiful aprons for cooking/gardening and was kind enough to make sure we received everything in time for our shoot date (she is based in Lithuania!). Jodi’s beautiful gardening basket from Williams-Sonoma was simply the perfect item to fill with fresh-picked and home-grown vegetables from her garden. Both Jodi and Kurt sported their classic Hunter boots – which they wear regularly while tending to the outdoors.

Gardening Outfits with a CozyLinen Apron

The Gardener and The Cook

Jodi’s look: Gardening Apron (CozyLinen via Etsy), LOFT (Shirt), Madewell (Jeans), Hunter (Boots)

Kurt’s look: J. Crew (Walker Vest – Navy, Long-Sleeved Cotton Henley Shirt), Levi’s (Pants), Hunter (Boots)

Cozy Cooking Outfits by Style Refined Co

Since Jodi and Kurt love to both cook and entertain, we ended with a dinner party gathering of some close friends – Sarah and Erkan! As they waited for friends to arrive, they spent time in their kitchen crafting homemade pasta together. To take advantage of the beautiful weather that day, Jodi set a lovely table on their porch for an enjoyable outdoor dinner. Their evening outfits were chosen around these two points: (1) being appropriate for the season and (2) being comfortable for staying home, yet being dressed up enough to entertain a plated dinner party. Jodi’s maxi dress was sourced from VICI Collection with sandals from J. Crew. Kurt’s outfit was entirely sourced from J. Crew with shoes from Cole Haan.

The Dinner Party Look | J. Crew Cole Haan VICI

The dinner party

Jodi’s look: VICI Collection (Dress), Monsoon (Necklace), J. Crew (Shoes)

Kurt’s look: J. Crew (Navy Cardigan Sweater, Shirt, Pants), Cole Haan (Shoes)

Farmhouse 1851 At Home Lifestyle Couple Outfits

Art Direction & Photography: Style Refined Co
Cinematography: Josh Gooden Cinema
Film Resources: Indie Film Lab, Film Supply Club
Subjects: Jodi & Kurt, My Modern Diary (Sarah), Erkan, Maple (the pup!)
Video Editing – Assistance: Pando Creative Co

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