What to Wear | Wedding Photographer Style

Performance Dress Wear

Did you know that wrinkle-free, breathable, performance-wear dress clothes existed? They sure do, they’re incredible, and there’s even zero need for dry cleaning! We first came across Ministry of Supply through some photographer friends of ours (The Brenizers) who wouldn’t stop singing their praises.

We were immediately very impressed with what they have to offer. Their Aero dress shirt has ventilation under the arms for perspiration and they have a line of performance dress socks. If you’re a female photographer who simply isn’t into wearing dresses or jumpsuits, they’ve got some performance options for you.

They even aim to produce clothing with sustainability in mind and some of their clothing is created with 3D Printing technology. What’s not to love about this company? You can even snag 15% off of your first purchase with the code MINISTRY15KSDG (expires 11/30)!

Women’s Attire – Formal + Pockets

We know the drill. You’re looking for something to wear that feels both appropriate for an event yet is comfortable for your needs to be mobile. Formal attire with pockets are a life-saver, but they’re so difficult to find! We’ve got you covered with our curated selections (which we’ll keep up to date, so you have a one-stop shop)!

Men’s Attire – Suit Up

A well-dressed gentleman really goes a long way. If you’re a male photographer or cinematographer, consider investing in a suit or two. You’ll look sharp, blend into the crowd, and fellow event professionals will take note. Suit Supply carries a lightweight, fitted suit called The Traveller.

Pair a Ministry of Supply performance dress shirt (as discussed above) with your suit and you’ll be golden. Comfort and class – all in one!

Indochino, Bonobos, and Brooks Brothers also offer some great fitted suit options.


Simply don’t have the funds to invest in a suit? Consider renting! The Black Tux offers some great options.

Performance Undergarments

Undergarments aren’t something people publicly talk about in a professional setting, but it’s a necessary conversation. Events require a lot out of a person (we consider it to be our weekend workout) and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your nether regions for 8+ hours. With destination travel, it’s also nice to have options for “on the go,” so all of our recommendations can be hand washed in a sink and air-dried, in case you’re low on space or going the minimalist route. Awesome, right?

For the females, Balanced Tech offers seamless underwear with moisture-wicking and odor resistant technology. If it just happens to be your “time of the month,” we truly cannot recommend THINX underwear enough to get yourself through that period of time, worry-free.

For the males, SAXX Men Quest 2.0 is moisture-wicking, odor resistant, snug for the boys, and quick-drying.

Ex Officio’s Give-N-Go line also offers several options for both males and females. All of Ex Officio’s undergarments are moisture-wicking, odor resistant, and quick drying as well!

Note: All of these options are air-dry only. These products are fantastic, but putting them through a dryer will destroy the odor resistant qualities of these undergarments. For the travelers, we have found Soak Wash Rinse to be awesome for cleaning your delicates on the go!

Camera Bags & Accessories


ONA is our top pick for stylish, quality camera bags and accessories. We’ve been huge fans of their bags for many years and currently own The Bowery, The Palma, The Bolton Street Backpack, and The Brixton.

We use these bags at wedding events, but these bags are fantastic for traveling and vacations. Unlike typical camera bags (such as ThinkTank or LowePro), there is no visible branding on the exterior and your camera bag can be more of a statement piece. Pair it with your outfit for a fashionable look. You can view some ONA examples via their Instagram hashtag #whereONAgoes.

We recently stumbled across Atlas Supply Co‘s beautiful backpacks and absolutely fell in love with their Entrepreneur backpack for creatives.

They offer The Entrepreneur in both leather (copper, clay, ink, sand, and americano) and canvas (grey – brooklyn, olive – astoria, and tan – joshua tree).

Atlas strives to support creatives who are on-the-go by providing stylish, mobile options. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to hold a laptop, camera gear, and some accessories.


If you’ve been in the wedding photography industry for a while, the Shootsac has been a go-to bag for event photographers for many years. Personally, it was one of our very first wedding lens bags, but it never seemed “stylish enough” – so we hopped back and forth to others before coming back around to this one.

After photographing and filming many destination events, we’ve determined that the Shootsac is still something we recommend when it comes to traveling for work purposes (if you’re one to carry bags over waist pouches). It packs flat into a carry-on bag, takes up minimal space, is easy to clean, and is constructed from neoprene material (great for rainy days and major humidity). If your event attire typically consists of all-black, this bag will blend in just fine.



Ah, shoes. Everyone has a different experience when it comes to footwear, so this is one topic that may prove more difficult to take recommendations from. We’ve spoken to many seasoned event professionals and here’s what we’ve collected (along with our opinions):

Rothy’s – We do not personally own a pair (yet!), but have heard nothing but incredible things about these ballet flats. They are machine washable and 3D printed from recycled water bottles (say what?). By purchasing a pair of these, you’re getting a pretty neat pair of shoes and helping the world push towards more sustainable fashion practices.

Tieks by Gavrieli – I do own a pair of these, but can personally no longer wear them during event days. Unfortunately, with the snug elastic fit, they resulted in frequent foot cramps during 8-10 hour event days (they were fine for shorter amounts of coverage time). They don’t ventilate well (sad), but if you’re planning to wear tights, sheers, or ballet flat socks – they might work better for you. (Oprah recommended them!) Overall, they’re a comfortable flat for many – just not my cup of tea for a working event day!

Nisolo – We’ve already raved about Nisolo in a brand profile post on our blog, but they are a fantastic company that offers plenty of great options in the realm of men and women’s footwear. They carry a variety of quality flats, oxfords, boots, and more. You truly cannot go wrong with these guys!

Other honorable mentions include Cole Haan, Rockport, and TOMS (mostly their boots).

There’s also nothing wrong with skipping the comfort for fashionable wears at a luxury event. Just keep in mind that wearing the same shoe for 8-10 hours (on average) can result in foot pain. If you feel it’s worth it to you and better represents your brand, then by all means! One great tip is to switch shoes throughout the day, to keep your feet less “confined” to one shoe mold. Bring a pair for the early events and sport something more comfortable during the late night hours.

Have some advice you’d like to contribute when it comes to wedding photographer style? We would love to hear from you!